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Tearaway preview

Tearaway is yet another unique game coming from the insane imagination of Media Molecule, creators of the Little Big Planet series. The game consist of playing as a messenger called Iota (Or Atoi, both are playable) and you have to deliver a message to you, the player. You can interact with the world with your god-like powers. You can literally tear through the environment with the rear touchpad, and a multitude of other activities too.

I had limited time with the game so I can’t give an overall view, but the visual style of the game is amazing. The fact that everything folds out is such a cool concept, and everything actually looks like it is made out of paper. The visuals are so unique and remind me of the amazing artistic style of LittleBigPlanet.

Playing as a god like character is also awesome, because you can pick enemies up and throw them away, bounce Atoi with a quick touch of the rear touch pad. The possibilities are literally endless.

Looks like a game everyone should have on their list.


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