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Velocity 2X preview

After playing the demo they had on offer at Eurogamer Expo 2013, I was wowed by this game and it shot from low on my radar to right at the top. It’s gameplay was innovative, the graphics looked clean and the game in general was just generally enjoyable and impressive.

The gameplay has a unique twist to it. For the majority of the game you play in a ship in a top down shooter  set in space. However there are shields that must be turned off with switches, and in the place of some switches are docks. This is where the game really gets interesting. Your ship is then “docked” and you play as the actual character in a sidescrolling platformer. This is an enjoyable change in pace from the hectic shooting, as you have to explore and find the switch in the platforming area. This is lower pace and quite interesting to jump around and teleport and shoot things with your 360 gun, or your rifle. Once you finish this, you go back to where you came from and you should be prepared for a lot of fast paced gameplay which is a big contrast from what you just played. This is an ingenious idea and so well executed that it seems amazing. There is no lag between controller input and onscreen action, which is a massive plus.

It’s graphics also look really sharp, and the game runs at a really good framerate. Definitely an indie hit to keep your eye on.


One comment on “Velocity 2X preview

  1. Superb logo and another well written piece. Very impressive.

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