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Imaginstruments review

Imaginstruments is a fun music creation application for PSVITA. You can adjust the bass levels, the drums, the keyboard songs. There is even a guitar adjustment tool, where you can switch the type of guitar sound you make and you can change the pitch of each sound too. There aren’t too many settings to play around with, but that is probably the key to it’s enjoyability. It provides a nice intro into music making but it is not something to create professional standard music with. What it is however is a fun thing to play around with on a bus journey or a trip somewhere, just put on some headphones and make some tunes.

The graphics are also really pleasing. That may sound slightly odd, what with it being a music game, but the HUD is really nice and gives off a nice futuristic vibe. It makes it seem like a music player in space. It is not a fully fledged game though, and it still has some issues here and there. For example it is quite annoying you can’t edit the guitar to be quieter, or the drums to beat rhythmically. Overall a fun app to play here and there, but definitely not a sit down and play at home game.


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