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Atomic Ninjas Review

atomic_ninjas_key_art_layeredAtomic Ninja  is a fast paced platforming beat-em-up with a multiplayer focus. It’s gameplay has a real twist though. You can only kill enemies with the environment. This leads to mass frenzied fun with mates.

The first thing I noticed when I started it up is that the game sometimes takes a long time to load. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but waiting on the start up screen for 20 seconds isn’t the most fun you can have.

Once it gets going though, it is a completely different story. The gameplay is fluid and fast, never stopping for a second. You are constantly being bombarded with attacks from left, right and centre, keeping you on your toes. You have to watch the stage too, as some have hazards like fire that you can go into accidentally by trying to dodge an enemy. This doesn’t give the enemy a kill, but it deducts some of your time away in which to kill others.

The controls of the game may seem daunting at first, but once you get to grips with them, they work really well. The basic controls are L1 to use your item (can be a rocket, grappling hook or claw) and R1 to use your weapon (can be shurikens, a punch ability or a cube throwing ability). Combining these weapons and items together can be crucial to winning against tougher opponents. Another good feature is that when you kill somebody, you can then steal their weapon, which mixes up the gameplay and can be satisfying as hell when you take someone’s shurikens and leave them with just the fists. My tactics were to hide and throw shurikens at people and I surprised a lot of people.ZombieNinja

The wealth of unlockable content is also pretty good, adding a fair chunk of replayability to this relatively small game. Each game can be completely different to the last and everybody can have different abilities and characters so the game is nearly always unique.atomic_ninjas_screen_08

The variety of modes is also pretty impressive. You have Capture the Flag, which is pretty self explanatory, take the flag to your base to score points. Then you have Domination, which you have to capture flags to earn points and defend the flags with your weapons while trying to take the enemy flags too. Then you have Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. These two modes are definitely my favourites because they are not too complicated and just focus on hitting each other as much as you can without worrying about objectives.

The games graphics also look amazingly good, and the whole game runs at an unbroken frame rate the whole way through. The cartoonish drawing of everything really fits nicely with the feel of the game and creates a nice atmosphere. The brightness of the whole game is also really welcoming and gives off a nice vibe. See the trailer below for a glimpse of the games graphics.

Overall I think this is a great purchase for your Vita, and Grip Games have come up with a multiplayer hit that everyone will enjoy. With a few slight issues ironed out, this would be amazing. Still, get some friends together and get your ninja on.


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  1. Hey mate, thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it. Good to hear you like the site too, going to purchase a domain soon. All the banners and stuff are homemade, so thanks. 🙂

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