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My Q+A with Roll7 about OlliOlli

I recently asked some questions to Roll7 about the  their upcoming game OlliOlli. Here is the interview, enjoy. 🙂

inspiration for making OlliOlli?

Oddly enough OlliOlli is not necessarily inspired by other Skateboarding games (they definitely play a part of course) but the Mechanics of Games such as Super Meat Boy and Dustforce have lent a lot to the game. Outside of Games, John our Games Designer/Lead Creative/Vision Holder was a sponsored skater when he was in his teens and his other passion happened to be Video Games, it was only a matter of time before the disciplines combined!

#2 – Why did you decide to bring the game to the Vita?

After our first release Gets To The Exit on iOS, we realised we needed to move towards consoles and or PC. We felt the types of games we wanted to develop were better suited for a more dedicated gamers platform. Having said that, OlliOlli was originally an iOS demo (never released) and it was this version that we showed when we pitched some of our ideas to Sony. We knew they were after indie Vita content at the time and it seemed like a really natural fit, and the analog controls have massively enhanced the way you play the game

#3 – What do you think of the existing indie scene on Vita?

We’re probably biased but we think it’s great, it’s a very supportive community and developers are happy to give each other props and promotion. It was actually Futrulab who recommended us to Shahid Ahmad at Sony for which we are forever indebted! I like the fact there’s a good mix of New IP and really interesting ports e.g Hotline Miami.

#4 – How long have you had the idea of making OlliOlli for Vita?

Since we met Sony! I think that was August 2012,we signed the contract later that year and started development early this year.

#5 – What is your favourite part of the game so far?

Daily Grind for sure, there’s such a huge risk element in that you only get one chance to set a score. We had a run through recently where John got 2million points in a practice run which would have claimed him the Daily Grind title for that day, but on his live go he slammed at the first grind and ended up with zero points!.

#6 – What was your favourite part of development?

I’m the producer so for me I have an overview on all parts, but I think the best bit has been the Level Design, especially to look at how they’ve developed from the very first protoype levels we took to E3 to what we now have in the final game. John spent a long time crafting 100 very devious yet ultimately satisfying levels with a great difficulty curve.

#7 – What is your favourite game at the moment?

I’ve just picked up Nicholl Hunts ‘Fist of Awesome’ it’s an iOS game well worth picking up at £2.50,if you like punching Deers and Bears then this is the game for you.

#8 – Are there any other Vita games you are excited about?

Tearaway looks great, had a play at E3 and Eurogamer! Really like their use of the rear touch pad, it feels like a great use of the technology and adds to the gameplay.

#9 – How long has the studio been around? Do you always have the same team for each game?

We’ve been making video games for a number of years but for other clients, it was only in 2012 that we made the decision to develop our own IP so in our current state we’ve been going just under two years. Hopefully if people like OlliOlli we’ll be going for a few years more 🙂

I hoped you enjoyed reading this, stay tuned for future OlliOlli news and for more Q+A’s!


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