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Proteus coming soon to Vita

Proteus, a PC and Mac hit, is.coming to Vita. This is what Ed Key, one of the devs, had to say via the EU PS blog
“I’m Ed Key, one of the developers of Proteus along with composer David Kanaga. Proteus came out for the PC and Mac in January 2013 and had a fantastic reception from Edge, Eurogamer, IGN and many more. For something that started out as a weird experimental project between me and David, this was pretty mind-blowing, and it’s even crazier to now have the chance to bring it to PS3 and PS Vita with some brand new features that take advantage of Sony’s hardware.
Proteus is something like a constantly-remixing ambient album in the form of an immersive island world. It’s all about a particular feeling of wandering through nature alone, taking it in and getting pleasantly lost. Maybe it’s a little bit about magic and mortality too. Don’t expect tasks and scores and checklists – perhaps Proteus lurks somewhere on the shady fringes of what it means to be a game.

With the PS Vita and PS3 version we’ve been adding new ways to engage with – and remix – the world. Previously, all Proteus islands were purely random, but on PS Vita, you can now choose to generate an island based on your current geographical location and on both platforms you can generate an island for the current date.
Both features have a chance of generating an especially “wild” island with various tweaks and twists. The island at my house, for   example, has weird purple sea, green sky in the evening and some pleasant (but still very purple) inland lakes.
We’ve also added a way for users to interact with the environment using the back touch screen, and we’ll be talking more about this closer to release.”

We will keep you up to date with more Proteus news.

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