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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z info and screenshots

  • Japanese developer Namco Bandai went crazy today dropping loads of new screenshots of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The multiplayer focused brawler will be releasing in early 2014 on PS3 and Vita. Here is some info.
    • Ultimate Jewels – The rarest item found in Dragon Ball Z -Battle of Z’s “Collection Store”, Ultimate jewels will offer players the ability to wield enormous power. By equipping the jewels characters will be able to perform super moves found in the long running anime such as Goku’s Spirit Bomb.
    • Character Customization – Not only will Battle of Z introduce an upgradable skill tree for players to focus their experience on, they will also be given free reign of how characters look.  By changing and tweaking both stats and style players will be able to wield the exact version of the legendary characters that they’ve always imagined.

    Here are the new screenshots, indicating the abilities of the Ultimate Jewels:


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