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Vita Unlocked Trophy Adventures – Episode 1

Vita unlocked trophy adventures banner

This is a new series I will be starting, where I tell you what I have been playing and what trophies I have earned and been trying to get.

This week I have mostly been playing Atomic Ninjas for the review, and trying to grab some trophies. I have tried playing really badly to get those hidden trophies, but so far I only have one.  I can’t see myself getting the win a 4 player deathmatch or Objectives mode because every time I play somebody quits and they are replaced by a bot, so the trophy is then not earnable in that game. I had loads of fun though and would recommend the game to anyone, it is amazing.

I have also played a little bit of Stealth Inc. A Clone In The Dark but I have given up on that trophy wise as the S-ranks are nearly impossible for someone as terrible at stealth as me. The helixes might be possible though, so I will keep at that. I also still have to finish the story.

If you enjoyed reading this, let me know and I will continue to do this every week.


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