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What I played at Norwich Game Expo 2013

So today I went to the Norwich Games Expo at Epic Studios in Norwich. It was an indie gaming event with smaller developers trying to get their name out there on all their games. I played all sorts of stuff on different consoles and it was truly an amazing event. Here is the list with brief summaries for each one.

Doctor Kvorak – Played a little bit of this, and liked what I saw. Gameplay was fun and actually made you think (the developers had to give me hints at times). Graphically the most impressive thing at the show. Played on Xbox

Trash TV – Played co-op on this with somebody else, quite a fun little puzzler. I spent most of the time throwing my co-op partner to an instant death though, but it was fun. Played on Xbox

Chompy Chomp Chomp – A fun top down game where you have a certained coloured monster thing to eat indicated by a disc under your character and when you get near them you chomp them. You have to avoid being eaten yourself too. Played on Xbox

DotStopRun – Good solid endless runner with good variety and addictiveness. Went back to play this again, just to beat my highscore. Played on Android tablet

Toast Time – Played this crazy game too, you play as a toaster and have to defend a clock from attack. You can toast different bread for different abilities. Played on iPad

Nunnageddon – Played the updated version of this unique arcade shoot-em-up, which includes new levels and an online leaderboard. Only thing I played on Vita


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