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Atomic Ninjas guide – How to be a pro ninja

I have been playing loads of Atomic Ninjas and have decided to give you all hints and tips to improve your gameplay. I hope you enjoy giving it a read.

Keep moving – This is essential to succeding at Atomic Ninjas. If you stay rooted to the spot, especially in a frantic game of Treasure Hunt, you will nearly always be caught out. Sometimes in modes such as Capture The Flag you are far better to move past the enemies than to stay and kill them. If you are going to be standing still, bring a super ability like Camouflage. It can help you out and net you a lot of kills. Use that in King Of The Hill to catch people out going into the area.

Learn the levels – Memorise them until you know every single hiding spot, escape route and where all the flags and areas are too. Having a knowledge of the map will help you greatly, because in some hard to reach spots you can easily kill everyone.

Use your equipment – Using grappling hooks, rockets and Claw Jumps can seriously improve your game. They improve your mobility, and are very useful for surprise attacks. For example flying high with your rocket then just dropping will probably catch them off guard. Equipment is also useful for getting to hard to reach areas where no-one can get you unless they have the right equipment. This is an invaluable resource in the game that many will exploit.

Know your weapons – If you like to use a certain weapon, learn its regeneration time, range and accuracy. If you use something like the punch it has a strong hit but a really short range. You should also never use a shuriken at short range. Everybody else will easily beat you.

Have Fun – This is the most important part. If you are not enjoying yourself you are doing something wrong. Enjoy the game. See you online! 🙂


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