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Angry Birds releasing on Vita this week

Angry Birds has been confirmed to be released on the 16th October this week in the EU. Here are the details from the PS blog:

“Squawk! This not-so-angry bird is Kalle Mäkinen, a producer from Rovio Entertainment, and I’m here to write a few lines about our latest release in the Angry Birds world.
Angry Birds Trilogy for PS Vita will be released on PlayStation Store on 16th October in Europe, priced €39.99/£34.99. Our PS Vita-owning fans have been waiting a long time for this game, so we have decided to delight them at the best possible way we can: releasing the ultimate Angry Birds package!
Angry Birds Trilogy has three award-winning Angry Birds games in one: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. There are over 700 levels to play and some totally new features, like making your own Angry Birds tunes! We have optimised the gameplay for PS Vita and enhanced the graphics – Angry Birds has never looked and felt this good in your pocket before!

When Angry Birds was released, it became an international phenomenon after just a few months on sale and the number one paid application of all time. We managed to bring something big to the world; a story of birds and pigs that people loved regardless of their age. We are really happy to invite PS Vita gamers to join our flock!
We hope that you’ll also love the new version of our dearest. The birds are waiting for you, so get your slingshot ready for those Bad Piggies! If you want to know what we are up to in the future, join our flock in Facebook and Twitter to hear more!”

Seems very over priced, and not really worth it, bearing in mind each game costs 69p on the Apple store and nothing on the Android store. Guess that is Activision for you.


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