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Destiny of Spirits beta impressions – what I think of it so far

I have recently been playing a lot of the Destiny Of Spirits beta ever since I could get it from the PS Store via PS Plus. It has been pretty enjoyable so far. Once I got past the somewhat lengthy and slightly dull tutorial I got really engaged in the tactical battles.

Each Spirit, the characters you play as, have different abilities you can use. They all have an element which can either benefit you or hinder you depending on which character you go up against. For example water is helpful against fire elements. Each Spirit’s ability is also dependent on their element. For example Kelpie which is a water element has an ability called Aqua Shot, which can inflict lots of damage when used correctly.

The bosses add variety to the fairly vanilla battles during the game, and you have to use all the characters well to succeed. The abilities are vital when you are faced with these tough enemies that take a plethora of attacks to defeat.

Overall this has made me very excited for the release of this game, and has really piqued my interest. I will be keeping my eye on this.


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