Castlestorm review

Castlestorm was quite a surprise for me. I never expected it to be so addictive, or so funny. It is basically a tower defence game, however it is simultaneously a tower attack game. Your castle is what you have to protect, and the enemy castle is what you have to destroy. There is some variety with hero survival levels and levels which are just tower defence but that is basically it. You might think that sounds really dull, but it is surprisingly addictive, and upgrades and different abilities really spice up the action. Also different enemy types will come which require different techniques and abilities to dispose off.

After each fight you earn the currency of the game which is coins, which you can use to upgrade your favourite abilities, troops and rooms. They don’t make a huge difference, but they do help a bit. I found it more helpful to upgrade the destructive ammo, such as apple bombs and the Tri-Stone, instead of the standard arrows which are better suited to troops such as the triple arrows. however when the arrows are upgraded there cooldown time is decreased which lets you attack faster and be more efficient and not get in a blind panic firing standard arrows while a troll batters down your castle.


The enemies have a decent variety too, ranging from the fast but weak wolves to the aforementioned trolls which move slowly but take a lot more arrows to destroy. There are also enemies that will only attack your troops and not head towards your castle to destroy it, such as the archers and the bomber type enemies. Your troops are particularly varied too, including the Paladin (a heavy warrior with a big sword), an archer (my favourite, they pick off foes from a long distance and are fairly efficient, normally getting headshots) and the standard swordsman. There are plenty to control, but I won’t include them all here because there are too many.

The missions themselves are fairly dull and repetitive, and the same activities are repeated several times throughout the entire campaign. It may sound like a minor thing but it gets slightly annoying playing the same recycled modes over and over again. It is a shame really, because the rest of the game was really fun. I loved the characters and their witty dialogues, the lovely hand-drawn artistic style and the frantic defence and attack balancing. It stops the game from getting full marks though, because it is a flaw. It is still a great game though, and one that deserves a place in your collection.


Please note: We were not able to find a multiplayer match during our playthrough, so we don’t have a review on that side of the game yet. Expect it soon.

2 comments on “Castlestorm review

  1. Was a surprise for me too, literally couldn’t put it down for days on end. Zen studios are ace

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