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The perfect Vita Christmas list – indie games

So, Christmas is pretty imminent. The question is, what do you get? Which games? To help you out, I have made this short series to help the avid gamer this Christmas. This week we will be choosing the best of the best indie games.

Top 5 indie games – quality stocking fillers:

Not going to put these in order, as it is too hard to pick between them all. First off, I will go with Sound Shapes. It is colourful and vibrant and is possibly one of the most relaxing games out there. That is until you attempt Death Mode, which is almost certain to give you Vita smashing urges and incredible rages. The reward for that mode is definitely worth it though, and the self-satisfaction you feel afterwards is outstanding. The creation tools are also incredible, and people have created masterful musical levels and challenging platforming levels and the variety is outstanding.

Next, I have to go with Velocity Ultra. The perfect mix of fast frenetic shooting through the campaign combined with the eclectic range of minigames make hours of fun. There is something for the hardcore trophy hunter too, with some of the trophies that only the toughest of trophy hunters will strive to get. The addictive mechanics and gameplay and the pleasant space graphic design in the background do make one outstanding package.

Ok, so next up is Guacamelee. There isn’t much better than hurtling through this Mexican brawler/2d platformer. The character Juan is complemented by an amusing cast of eccentric characters who amuse you with their text. The combat is solid and the exploration and combat moves are fantastic.

Yet another game to ask for this Christmas, the wonderful Castlestorm is another perfect game to get. The addictive tower defense and tower offense make for an excellent way to pass the time. The hero levels also mix it up nicely and the multiplayer is also a nice touch so you can play with friends.

Finally we come on to the crazily addictive Nunnageddon. This is just one of those games you can’t put down. You have to keep scratching that high score itch. I am currently #6 in the leaderboard and I still can’t stop, I just want to keep playing. It is truly an amazing game and has made me want to try out some more games from the PS Mobile section.

An honourable mention goes to Grip Games’ Atomic Ninjas and Curve Studios’ Proteus must also go out as they are both amazing game, although they sadly don’t fit into the top 5. Stay tuned next week for the best Vita accessories.



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