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A Men 2 review

Right, first off. This is an incredibly difficult game. You have to guide a group of soldiers to a helicopter at the end of the level. You have to eliminate enemies to get the helicopter to appear, and then the challenge of actually getting to the helicopter itself, with enemies barring your way.

That is the basic mechanic of the game, but it gets a lot more complex. There are boulders you have to shoot down, which can eliminate enemies and destroy bridges that are halting your progress. You really have to scan your environment before even attempting to complete it, and even then you encounter a lot of trial and error trying to eliminate the enemies. It is definitely more of a puzzle game than a simple side scrolling shooter, making you think before you do anything.

The cartoony graphics almost carry across the charm of the characters blurting out their little quips, which are incredibly amusing by themself. It suits the game incredibly well, and it is fairly obvious what the enemy looks like and what your characters look like. The graphics are fairly bright and colourful but not too much so it is garish and unsightly. The framerate ran fairly well through our playthrough, never dipping noticeably. The game was fairly impressive technically.

Something that will put a lot of people off is the steep difficulty curve. Between the first and fourth levels I found myself grounding to a halt through the levels due to it getting a lot harder. Don’t get me wrong, it is meant to be a hard game, but it starts hard and gets harder. With no option of a difficulty change it is bound to frustrate some gamers.

Nevertheless it is enjoyable and diverse once you get into it, and the cast are funny and all have differing personalities. It is definitely not a game to be ignored.



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