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Furmins review

Furmins is an addictive puzzler recently released for the PlayStation Vita. You have to guide the Furmins (cute cuddly spherical creatures) to the basket at the end of the level. To assist, you have to move obstacles around to get them to the finish. You can use things such as bounce pads and metal girders to help the Furmins out in their goal to reach the basket.

However the game can get slightly repetitive after a while, but once you think it is getting slightly dull, it injects a fresh new twist you never would of thought of. The different worlds themselves don’t offer a great deal of variety, but the levels are all really different.

The graphics are also really cute and good quality which surprised me. This was never really on my radar, so I am surprised I enjoyed it so much. This is probably one of the cutest games ever to grace the wonderful PlayStation Vita.

The touchscreen controls don’t feel like they are utilising the full potential of the console. However it is a really good attempt of getting the game on the Vita and it is a fantastic game. Definitely worth a go.



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