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Nunnageddon PSM review (updated version)

As most of you know, Nunnageddons update was recently released, and the game just got a whole lot more addictive (and frustrating). The premise is simple; you are a Nun, enemies attack you from the left, right and from above. You can shoot in all those directions with square, circle and triangle respectively.

The new additions include an online leaderboard which adds to the addictiveness, and a whole new set of stages to make your thumbs ache. Although they don’t signify a massive change, they are a welcome addition and it’s nice to know that the developer is continuing to support the game even after release.

The controls feel nice, the scoring system motivates you to keep going and get to the top of the leaderboard, and the enemies keep you on your toes. There are surprises as well such as a laser coming down which you have to shoot to disable, which adds variety to it.

The framerate is also constantly smooth, never stuttering or slowing. Its old-school graphics also fit quite well and the 18-bit characters are a nice and welcome touch.

The music within the game also fits the high octane pacing and gameplay of the game and the techno feel to it seems to really suit it quite well.

Overall it is a good game that has been expanded to a great game by the update. It is an addictive arcade sensation that everyone should experience.



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