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Breakquest Extra Evolution review

Breakquest Extra Evolution is a bright and colourful take on the brick breaker game. It is also extremely addictive and a lot of fun to play. However there are a few slight flaws.

For example, this is a Free To Play game. However, you must purchase balls to continue playing. So unless you are a seasoned brickbreaker professional, you are going to have to pay some money. Although this has become a staple of the F2P genre, it is still an annoyance to pay for a game that is “free”.

Nonetheless, the gameplay is top notch. There are different types of block to break, different power ups that can help or hinder your progress. Although these are features in many a brickbreaker game, they are still a welcome addition. There are even boss battles, which make it even more interesting and they really help to break up the slight repetitiveness of the other stages. Some levels will have pixel art too, with hundreds of blocks to destroy to complete it.

The music is also extremely good. It has a nice techno feel to it and changes from level to level to suit the level. It is a really nice touch which complements the fast and frenetic gameplay.

Th graphics are also sharp and crisp, and I experienced no lag at all in my playthrough. The bright and colourful range of colours is also very aesthetically pleasing and it isn’t so bright that your eyes hurt after playing it for 5 minutes.

On the other hand the game progresses incredibly slowly and unless you purchase balls it is a bit of a drag. It’s a shame really, as the rest is so fun and imaginative. It doesn’t bring it down too much though, and it is very much worth a purchase.



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