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Passing Time review

Passing Time is an excellent little game to play in those dull moments in life. Like on a train, in a bus, or just any time really. Any time is Passing Time.

When you boot up the game for the first time, you have 3 different modes to choose from: Challenge, Passing and Matches. You can unlock Free Kicks and Corners as well, but they aren’t really the ones you will spend most of your time on. Challenge, Passing and Matches are the main structure of the game and they are fiendishly addictive.

Let’s start with Challenge. You have to complete various challenges to unlock more challenges and you get in game achievements for doing so. The challenges are variants on Passing, Free Kicks and Corners, only with an actual target instead of just do the best you can. You can also get Bronze, Silver or Gold on all challenges, which adds variety to it, as well as varying levels of challenge.

Then there is Passing. This is a minigame of a group of players (8 to be exact) on your team who have to pass it around and avoid defenders. However, you can also deploy a fireball which burns the defenders out of the way making things a hell of a lot easier for you.

Finally there is Matches. These are quite disappointing as they are the same as any other football game, albeit a little more arcadey than simulator. For example there are no throw ins, it is purely non-stop footballing.

The other modes Free Kicks and Corners aren’t really as good as the others and after playing them for a bit I was really wanting to play Passing again as it is the most addictive and most fun of all the game modes.

Overall this is a great addictive gem to play whenever you have a spare moment and remains fun to play throughout. The only welcome addition would be online leaderboards as competitiveness is limited to your family and friends at the moment. A couple more game modes would also be welcome, as would online matches.

Still a great game though, and well worth checking out.



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