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Stick It To The Man review

Stick It To The Man is a bit different to other games you might play. It is a 2D platformer with cartoon graphics, a bizarre yet funny story and a wide range of characters such as Ray, the main character, Frank the fish and a bunch of other oddballs for you to find and read their minds. This is what makes Stick It To The Man great.

The main story revolves around a guy called Ray. He is just a standard guy until a giant pink arm grows out of his idea and his entire world goes upside-down. The characters make the experience more surreal and odd but they definitely add to it.

The best bit about the game by far though is the mind reading and the puzzles. By holding down the L button you go into mind-reading mode in which you can press the R button to read select peoples minds.  It is hilarious what some of the people are thinking and sometimes it can be a bit freaky too (one person whose mind I read wanted to make friends with a crocodile by giving it chicken, for example).

It is also essential to read minds to solve the puzzles in the game. None are particularly brain-taxing but most make you think. When you read somebody’s mind they can sometimes give you stickers which can affect things in the game. For example you can get sleep stickers to stick on agents heads to make them go to sleep so you can progress without them zapping you. This is vital to getting to new areas and exploring.

The agents themselves hunt you once you are in sight so you have to be quite cautious. If they get too close to you or you get too close to them you return to one of the checkpoints littered around the areas. It’s not a major setback, but it can be a little frustrating.

The games graphics and music are also outstanding and the comic book styling fits very well with the story line and witty humour the characters produce. The music sounds like something you would expect to hear in a cartoon, so they hit the nail on the head with that one.

Overall it is a very impressive package that delivers a lot for its price of only £9.99. The only thing I think  could be improved on was making the enemies a little less frequent as they were quite frustrating and hindered my progress quite significantly. It is still an amazing game though, and an absolute steal at that price.



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