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Super Tank Poker review

Super Tank Poker is an addictive puzzler/action game in which you must engage tanks in combat. But instead of machine guns your method of fighting is with cards. If you can beat them at Poker they lose chips which ultimately results in them dying and taking you one step closer to victory. It is a whole load of tactical fun, however it can does have some flaws in it’s hand.

Firstly though, let’s touch on the gameplay. The controls are well implemented, and not too difficult or complex. It is simply X to move, and X to select target. When you get to playing cards, you use only Square, Circle and X again. Not too complex, but not one-button only levels of simplicity levels which will bore you to death.

The actual “combat” though is slightly repetitive. you get dealt random cards and you can choose to swap them for others to achieve better hands. Then you simply fold, call or bet. This can get quite dull after a while and a twist of some description is definitely needed. Whether that comes in the form of power-ups or a different kind of card game it is definitely lacking a change of the play.

Nonetheless, it is still a good game. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and the 8bit pixelated style suits the game well.

However the quality of the entire package has been brought down by the gameplay , which is the most prominent part of the game. It’s a shame really, as the concept was great and completely original. It’s unfortunate it fails slightly in execution.



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