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A Clumsy Adventure preview

I recently got sent a build of A Clumsy Adventure by the great guys at Excamedia for me to play and preview. I actually really enjoyed the build, and even though the game is releasing early 2015, it is still very fun to play.

If you haven’t heard of it before, basically you play as a standard guy who has to get through a lot of puzzles and progress along to the right of the level. There are obstacles in your way but they are relatively easy to overcome. It is pretty fun and will surely be over-run with speed run clips once it releases as it is that sort of game.

I personally really enjoyed it, and challenged a couple of my friends to play the game and they enjoyed it too. It is still a little buggy at the moment and unfortunately there is only one level to play. The game will release episodically and the first episode releases early 2015, so it is a bit of a long wait. It does seem worth the wait though.

It’s worth noting that I only played a PC build of the game, no Vita version is available at the time of writing.


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