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Bit Trip Presents…. Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rythm Alien review

Runner 2 is a game in which you run constantly to the right while dodging a wide array of enemy attacks and using all the different moves you are presented with to progress through the level. It is amazing fun to play, and a highly addictive experience. 


 The gameplay is simple, yet fun and challenging at the same time. The difficulty curve is spot on, and it never feels too  hard or too easy, it is just right. It slowly introduces more complex moves but it doesn’t shove them all at you at once, it introduces them gradually. The difficulty also slowly ramps up, always giving you an element of challenge and difficulty which is very important, even essential to this sort of game because otherwise it gets dull and repetitive extremely quickly, but there is no such issue with this title. Gaijin Games have perfected the difficulty increase and the game is a lot better because of it. Nobody likes a game with difficulty spikes. screen10

There are also the retro levels, shown in the picture above, which add yet another dimension to the game. Instead of having infinite respawns you have 3 lives and a slightly harder level to complete. They are also carefully hidden away and require thorough exploration of the world to find, which spices things up a little. They are also keys you need to find to open locks, and when you open the locks you get a new character. This is a fun feature that keeps you interested and amused throughout your playthrough.


The range of worlds also add a change to the background which keeps things interesting. The last world especially has a distinctive art style and music set which is completely different to the rest of the worlds. It was definitely my favourite out of all the worlds and probably the hardest one too.


Aside from the boss battles though, the levels can get fairly repetitive. You are basically doing the same level again and again but with some slightly mixed up enemies. It may sound harsh, but that is just what it feels like. This has to knock its score down unfortunately, but it is a must-buy for any PSVita, regardless of your interest in platformers.





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