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Age Of Zombies review

Age Of Zombies is a fun game. For a little while at least.

When you first start the game you have to do the story. The main storyline is that Professor Brains is sending zombies through time and you, Barry Steakfries (of Jetpack Joyride fame), must go back and forward in time to stop the zombies. Its the sort of nonsensical story you would expect in a zombie game, and as in most zombie games like this one the story is secondary to the action.

The gameplay itself is actually pretty fun. The dual analog sticks allow for perfect control and precise zombie shooting. The zombies themselves vary too, some shooting at you, some slowly trudging towards you in the normal zombie fashion. However these things don’t stop the game from becoming repetitive. Aside from the slight layout difference and the different bosses I felt like I was playing the same level again and again. Its a real shame, and a big disappointment.

The visual art style however is excellent. Each period of time has its own unique art style and seeing each level is a new experience. Its a shame playing each one isn’t.


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