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Backgammon Blitz review

Backgammon Blitz presents a new take on the Backgammon genre which is unique and a surprising move from the staff at The Fyzz Facility.

Whilst it presents the standard mode of Backgammon, in which (as you probably know already) consists of two players with different coloured counters trying to get to the opponents side while they try to get to yours. But Backgammon Blitz shakes this up a bit. With the addition of Blitz mode, the players can use power-ups to try and halt their opponents. You have items that can freeze the opponent in their tracks, which can offer you a slight tactical advantage as you can go straight past their counters.

With the addition of two player mode as well (although unfortunately offline only) you can let your competitive edge out against your family and friends, assuming they like Backgammon. I went into this one having never played Backgammon before, and I know at least the basics coming out of it. It does function as a learning device as well, with a vast range of tutorials to get you up to speed.

The graphics are also incredibly slick, with the tables and counters looking incredibly good and close to realism. The game runs at a solid framerate throughout and I experienced no lag spikes throughout my playtime.

Where it falls behind though is that if you aren’t into Backgammon this isn’t for you. You probably realised that anyway, but the power-ups aren’t enough to differentiate this from the standard game of Backgammon. It would be good if there was a crazy power-up mode, something you could play in a quick burst, as the game of Backgammon is quite a long one. It’s a fun game, but one for Backgammon lovers mainly.



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