Vita reviews

Backgammon Blitz review

Backgammon Blitz presents a new take on the Backgammon genre which is unique and a surprising move from the staff at The Fyzz Facility. Whilst it presents the standard mode of Backgammon, in which (as you probably know already) consists of two players with different coloured counters trying to get to the opponents side while they […]

Age Of Zombies review

Age Of Zombies is a fun game. For a little while at least. When you first start the game you have to do the story. The main storyline is that Professor Brains is sending zombies through time and you, Barry Steakfries (of Jetpack Joyride fame), must go back and forward in time to stop the […]

Bit Trip Presents…. Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rythm Alien review

Runner 2 is a game in which you run constantly to the right while dodging a wide array of enemy attacks and using all the different moves you are presented with to progress through the level. It is amazing fun to play, and a highly addictive experience.   The gameplay is simple, yet fun and challenging […]

Super Tank Poker review

Super Tank Poker is an addictive puzzler/action game in which you must engage tanks in combat. But instead of machine guns your method of fighting is with cards. If you can beat them at Poker they lose chips which ultimately results in them dying and taking you one step closer to victory. It is a […]

Stick It To The Man review

Stick It To The Man is a bit different to other games you might play. It is a 2D platformer with cartoon graphics, a bizarre yet funny story and a wide range of characters such as Ray, the main character, Frank the fish and a bunch of other oddballs for you to find and read […]

Passing Time review

Passing Time is an excellent little game to play in those dull moments in life. Like on a train, in a bus, or just any time really. Any time is Passing Time. When you boot up the game for the first time, you have 3 different modes to choose from: Challenge, Passing and Matches. You […]

Breakquest Extra Evolution review

Breakquest Extra Evolution is a bright and colourful take on the brick breaker game. It is also extremely addictive and a lot of fun to play. However there are a few slight flaws. For example, this is a Free To Play game. However, you must purchase balls to continue playing. So unless you are a […]