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OlliOlli release date confirmed

We just received a very exciting email containing the release date for the highly anticipated OlliOlli has been revealed by Roll7. It will release on the 21st January 2014 in North America and on the 22nd in Europe. This is something I have wanted to get my hands on for a while and soon we […]

OlliOlli delayed until Early 2014

OlliOlli is unfortunately not going to release on this side of Christmas. It was revealed by a tweet from Roll7 which said that we are sorry to say that OlliOlli won’t release this side of Christmas. Sad news indeed, but we remain positive and hope that it will be better because of the delay. Check […]

New OlliOlli preview video released by Roll7

A new video has been shown by Roll7 showcasing the new Daily Grind mode in OlliOlli. This is the video: Source

My Q+A with Roll7 about OlliOlli

I recently asked some questions to Roll7 about the  their upcoming game OlliOlli. Here is the interview, enjoy. 🙂 inspiration for making OlliOlli? Oddly enough OlliOlli is not necessarily inspired by other Skateboarding games (they definitely play a part of course) but the Mechanics of Games such as Super Meat Boy and Dustforce have lent […]