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12 Deals of Christmas Deal 4 announced

The 4th Deal of PlayStation 12 Deals of Christmas sale is Rayman Legends which is £11.99 or £10.79 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Here is the original PS blog post: “We’re a third of the way into the 12 Deals of Christmas, now – is everyone feeling festive? If not here’s another cracking deal to help […]

Rayman Legends Vita getting Invasion levels soon

Rayman Legends launched in North America in early September for PS Vita. However, the Vita version was missing content that was available on the other platforms, namely the Invasion levels, which consist of 28 high-difficulty levels that challenge players to finish them as quickly as possible. Developer Ubisoft said back in September that the Invasion […]

Ubisoft finally ditching online passes for good

If you’ve got used Ubisoft titles with no online pass, you are in luck. Following some issues with AC4: Black Flag, Ubisoft has decided to scrap the online pass idea. Some public complaining about the issue helped to ditch online passes quite well. Hopefully this signals the end of the online pass era, all we […]